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Aurelien Dedap Films - Video Producer in Tokyo

Director - Video Producer - Videographer - Cinematographer - Editor

Je suis Francais, réalisateur freelance vivant à Tokyo, Japon. J'offre un service complet en videographie, de la pre-production (planification et repérage des lieux de tournage ), production (réalisateur /caméraman) à post-production (montage).

Mes différents services comprennent de la promotion d'évènement, corporate, interview, conférence, clip musical, documentaire, contenu internet Instagram / Facebook / Youtube. Je travaille pour des marques connues telles que Alfa Romeo / Reebok / Jeep / Fiat / Abarth / Hilton / Heineken / San Pellegrino / Lacoste / BRP.... Je film avec différentes caméras telles que Sony / Blackmagic / Panasonic / Canon / RED / Dji. Contactez moi concernant vos requêtes vidéos. Je me ferai un grand plasir de vous aider. Aureliendedapfilms, freelance sur Tokyo pour toutes vos productions videos.

Aurelien Dedap Films - Video Producer in Tokyo
Aurelien Dedap Films - Video Producer in Tokyo


You need a one man band.
Or a couple of videographers.
I can create a vision of your event.

If you've spent months planning and organising an event, it’s a shame not to record it! I'm experienced with creating videos of events especially for cars, fashion and hotel brands’ marketing. I can capture the vibe of your one time event and produce a film summarizing it.

Professional content creation.
Push your business onto the next level. Get epic and creative content for your business.

Instead of promoting a specific product or services, brand videos focus on building trust in an organization. There are different approaches to this type of video, including customer testimonials, executive interviews, company stories, and mission films. I can help bring a unique personality to your brand.

You want to tell a story.
I can setup your interview
in the atmosphere you desire.

I have a load of experience setting up interviews. It can be done during events or for your documentary. I am very competent to set up good lighting and audio for interview shoots.

Experienced cameraman.
From a small SLR to bigger camera rig. Handheld, gimbal or dynamic shots.

You already have a video production team, but you need someone behind the camera? I am an experienced cameraman, to work in synergy with your director, gaffer, to help create a vision for your project.

Editing and sound design.
The most important steps
to bring your video footage to life.

I am passionate about telling your story in the most effective way and I will provide the creative solutions. Video editing, special effects, color correction, lower thirds, color grading, sound design, voice over, and mixing & mastering. I’m familiar with Adobe premiere & Davinci Resolve.



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